Social Justice at Christ Church Cathedral—Living Christ’s Message Year Round

Sundays are always busy for churches. This is especially true for one that is situated in the heart of a tourist hotspot like Montreal. Christ Church Cathedral could be forgiven if it dedicated Sundays solely to serving the hundreds of parishioners, occasional worshippers, and camera-toting visitors that walk through its doors every weekend, but that’s not the case. Instead, on almost any given Sunday, you will find members of the Cathedral community working tirelessly to improve the world we live in.

The Social Justice Action Groups
Inspired by faith and driven by a sense of community, Christ Church Cathedral’s Social Justice Action Groups (SJAG) do their part to ease the suffering of some of society’s most vulnerable members. For SJAG volunteers, Christian life is not simply about beliefs or ideas, but about living in a way that declares God’s love for the world. It is about striving to serve the community, locally and internationally, by placing the lessons of their faith at the heart of their social endeavours.

Visit the fair trade booth this coming Sunday to obtain information on fair trade practices or to pick up a gift for a loved one.

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What’s in the box? A glimpse into the hearts of strangers.

Visitors to the cathedral may drop prayer requests in a small box placed for that purpose near the candle stand at the front of the church. Each one is read and offered up along with the regular public prayers, led each week by a devoted team of lay people and clergy. Today, Rising Up! is honoured to present an account of this part of the Cathedral’s ministry written by longtime parish member and licensed Lay Reader, Vivian Lewin.  Continue reading “What’s in the box? A glimpse into the hearts of strangers.”

Cathedral organ could be one of the finest in the city says Boris Brott

Maestro Boris Brott has a long-standing appreciation for the music of Christ Church Cathedral. His father, Alexander, founded the McGill Chamber Orchestra, which has performed regularly at the cathedral for more than fifty years. On the death of his father in 2005, Boris was appointed Artistic Director of the MCO. “I’ve had the good fortune,” he notes, “to work with Music Director and Organist Patrick Wedd and his predecessor, Gerald Wheeler.” Maestro Brott has directed and attended both religious and secular musical events at the Cathedral, including conducting all of Mozart’s church sonatas with the Cathedral’s Karl Wilhelm organ. “It was a bit tricky with the organ located behind the conductor—we had to use several mirrors!” The organ will be maintained and upgraded with funds from the campaign. “With a little bit of help,” says Maestro Brott, “it could be among the finest organs in the city.” Continue reading “Cathedral organ could be one of the finest in the city says Boris Brott”