The Campaign

“Raising substantial private and public funds to preserve the integrity of Christ Church Cathedral’s fabric, and in particular the iconic spire, is a very ambitious undertaking. We are all acutely aware that claims are being made for private donations, from many quarters where there is a real and present need, and this makes any fundraising all the more challenging. But there is a very good long term opportunity here to assure the continued integrity of this important building, and allow it to continue to stand, not just as a reminder or an architecturally important artefact of an earlier age, but to continue to serve its varied, rich, on-going, broadly based public and community mission on a sustainable basis into the future. It therefore merits the support of all Montrealers, whatever their background. Thank you for your generosity.”

Bruce McNiven
Chair, Major Fundraising Campaign
Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral Major Fundraising Objectives

Christ Church Cathedral’s one-time major fundraising campaign, Rising Up From the Heart of Montreal , aims to raise $8 million over 5 years. In addition to urgent repairs needed to the Cathedral’s historic spire, masonry, and aging infrastructure, donations will also support growing social outreach and public musical offerings. The aim is more than to restore an architectural landmark; it is to secure the Cathedral’s future in its vital role in the community and as an integral part of the fabric of Montreal.

Despite diligent maintenance over the years, time and the elements have been hard on the Cathedral building. A comprehensive assessment conducted in 2015 by Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss, Drolet & Associates, now ÉVOQ, an architectural and design firm with recognized expertise in heritage buildings, identified a number of immediate interventions needed to repair, restore, and upgrade the building – both inside and out – before even more complex, costly, and hazardous issues arise.

The largest challenge by far is the Cathedral’s spire, which is corroding from the inside and is at risk of collapse. The planned repairs are crucial to ensure the continued integrity of the building and to support Christ Church Cathedral’s vital mission to serve the community, reaching out to those in need, and to advance principles of social justice.

In response to the urgent infrastructure needs, we are embarking on an unprecedented major fundraising campaign in anticipated partnership with the Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec(CPRQ). Parks Canada has also been supportive of a site they have recognized as one of significant national historic importance. Encouraged by the generous initial support from foundations, corporations and individuals, we believe the campaign will also secure long-term funding for growing social outreach and popular public music programs. We hope to rally public and private support to ensure a successful campaign and consolidate the position of Christ Church Cathedral as a vital player in the Montreal community.

REHABILITATE THE SPIRE  Implement a conservative solution to the spire’s current problems, replacing the supporting members to render it structurally sound and stable for the next century and beyond.

Mend the Cathedral’s fabric, adding insulation and a modern boiler and replacing lighting and wiring, to modernize and protect the future of this historic building and also reduce its carbon footprint, saving on future energy costs.

REFURBISH THE INTERIOR  Repair damage from leaking roof with new plaster and fresh paint, and restore historic pews, replacing flooring under them, to welcome a new generation of tourists and worshippers.

ENRICH THE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE  Major restoration of the Karl Wilhelm organ will preserve and maximize the instrument’s exceptional sound quality and musical range. Replace the concert piano, to attract top-quality international pianists and offer audiences and performers the best possible experience.

IMPROVE ACCESSIBILITY  A lift will allow people with reduced mobility to access the mezzanine area, used by the Sunday School, choir, and community groups.

ENDOW THE FUTURE WORK OF THE SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY  This dedicated fund will allow the century-old society to maintain and broaden its exemplary community outreach.