Campaign Leadership

The Christ Church Cathedral Major Fundraising Campaign has the support of several leaders of the community who wish to preserve Montreal’s architectural heritage and support the congregation’s musical, social and spiritual contributions to the city.

Message From The Chair

Bruce McNiven, support for the Christ Church Cathedral Major Fundraising CampaignRaising substantial private and public funds to preserve the integrity of Christ Church Cathedral’s fabric, and in particular the iconic spire, is a very ambitious undertaking. We are all acutely aware that claims are being made for private donations, from many quarters where there is a real and present need, and this makes any fundraising all the more challenging. But there is a very good long term opportunity here to assure the continued integrity of this important building, and allow it to continue to stand, not just as a reminder or an architecturally important artefact of an earlier age, but to continue to serve its varied, rich, on-going, broadly based public and community mission on a sustainable basis into the future. It therefore merits the support of all Montrealers, whatever their background. Thank you for your generosity.

Bruce McNiven
Chair, Major Fundraising Campaign
Christ Church Cathedral



The Right Reverend Mary Irwin-Gibson


Bruce McNiven, C.M.


Jonathan Birks
Dinu Bumbaru, C.M.
The Venerable Peter Hannen
The Most Reverend Andrew Hutchison
The Very Reverend Bertrand Olivier
Phyllis Lambert, C.C., G.O.Q.
The Honourable Pierrette Rayle
Eugene Riesman


Jane Aitkens
The Very Reverend  Bertrand Olivier
Thomas Burpee
James C. Cherry
Andrew Cowell
Robert Cowling
Mina Farinacci
Elizabeth Hirst
Jill Hugessen
David Laidley
Stuart Iversen
Robert King
Neil Matheson
Donna Riley
Robert Spencer
William Tetley

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