Behind the Scenes With the Cathedral Campaign Team

Hello from your Campaign Team!

Although it’s been quiet over the summer, we haven’t stopped working toward our goal.

At our campaign launch at the end of May we announced that we had reached $1.42 million in donations from the private sector. Since then we have raised close to $300,000, bringing our total to $1.71 million in private donations!

We look forward to sharing with you all the exciting updates to come, in our monthly contribution to this blog.

Message from the Campaign Chairman

The months and years of preparation for the extraordinary and exciting project to remove, restore and replace the magnificent landmark spire of Christ Church Cathedral is at last bearing fruit.

Mr. Bruce McNiven, Chairman

As you will see, the actual work is underway after all of the careful planning, engineering and architectural review and design, and—critically—assurance that the funds are either in place or on their way to make this project possible.

The renowned 20th-century architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is famously said to have remarked that “God is in the detail.” Nowhere is this more true than in this delicate and challenging project.

The fundraising necessary to achieve it is based first and foremost on strong Montreal Community support from all quarters, as well as Government funding. Through this collective effort this important Montreal landmark will be given a new lease on life.

Watch this space to follow its progress!

Renovations Update

We met with the Rev’d Jean-Jacques Goulet, Cathedral liaison with the architects in charge of the renovation project, to discuss the progress of the renovations and what members of the congregation and visitors can expect this fall.  Here is what he had to say.

Stay Informed with Rising Up!

The Campaign team is happy to announce the launch of Rising Up, our Campaign blog!
Every week, we will keep you informed, introduce you to the Christ Church Cathedral family and tell you about our rich history. Here is what you can expect when you subscribe:

  • Learn interesting, unique and sometimes surprising facts about the Cathedral.
  • Be touched by personal stories about the impact of the cathedral, its people and its programs on people’s lives.
  • Read about why people are involved with the cathedral’s social justice programs, what they are working toward and why, as well as what impact are they having in the community.
  • Stay informed on the progress of ongoing projects: refurbishing of the organ, purchase of the new piano, restoration of the spire and more.
  • Listen to members of our congregation, volunteers or some of the many visitors we receive annually as they describe spiritually significant moments experienced at the cathedral.
  • Hear about achievements, shared moments, special events that keep people coming back.
  • Find out why dignitaries choose to work on the Campaign Cabinet and donate.

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