A Particular Way of Seeing: The Cathedral Through Remrov’s Eyes

Business leaders, social workers, teachers, musicians, skilled workers, professionals, and more, Christ Church Cathedral is lucky to have committed parishioners willing to put their personal skills and energy to the service of the community. This week, Rising Up! introduces Remrov, a gifted artist and member of the congregation who donated a beautiful drawing of the cathedral to the campaign.

Remrov is an autistic savant and self-taught pencil artist who perceives the world in precise detail. He specializes in photorealistic drawings which can take anywhere between 70 and 120 hours to complete.

“When I’m working on a drawing,” he says, “I don’t try to draw fur or whiskers, I draw the details I see, one by one.” In the video below, he tells us about his drawing of Christ Church Cathedral and what motivated him to execute and donate it to the campaign.

From frightened child to functioning adult
After not understanding anything of the world around him and living completely inside his own world during his childhood, Remrov began studying, memorizing and copying other people until he was confident of his own words and language.

“I went from being a little frightened person who didn’t understand any language and who it was hardly possible to reach, to a person who is confident and who has quite an amount of self-knowledge—and who knows what he needs to manage his life,” he says.

Remrov now gives presentations on autism and has created a series of videos to help people understand the inner workings of the autistic mind and promote ways to create more autism-friendly environments. More information about Remrov’s artwork and background can be found on his website at remrovsartwork.com

We are very grateful to Remrov for his support and his beautiful gift, which we plan to reproduce in a limited edition for the campaign.

Be Like Remrov: Support the restoration of our beautiful cathedral
Of the funds raised by the campaign, $7,470,000 will go to repair the spire, restore the masonry and architectural elements, and upgrade the church interior. Please consider leaving a gift for future generations by clicking here and donating what you can. Big or small, every donation counts!

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